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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Website Questions

    Can I access pricing through the web site?
    Answer: No. We have many grades to choose from and discounts for certain quantities. Please call 503-226-6057 and we will be happy to get you pricing.
  • Product Questions

    Can you ship my order?
    Answer: Yes. We ship product all over the country including Alaska and Hawaii.
    Can we have our order delivered?
    Answer: Yes with and order of $175.00 we will deliver to the Portland/Vancouver area at no charge. Orders below $175.00 we can deliver for a $ 20.00 charge.
  • General Questions

    Do we accept used clothes?
    Answer: Yes. Please call for more information. 503-226-6057.
    If we use your laundry service, and there are lost or damaged items, are we insured?
    Answer: I am sorry we cannot cover your items for damage. We weigh all laundry jobs and you will receive the same weight back after laundering.
    What are your donation hours?
    Answer: M-F 07:30am - 3:30pm